This is the a b c of the gospel. If you do not understand the necessity of the blood, you have completely missed it….

Never take it for granted: Salvation is not cheap. It is a price paid in blood.

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Jesus Christ is displayed in His threefold office of Prophet, Priest and King.

  • The faithful witness:He came to bear witness to the truth (John 18:37).

  • First born from of the dead: Because He lives, the first to rise from the dead, we live.

  • The ruler: Jesus is Lord of Lords and King of Kings

It turns from theology into praise in the end, as John cannot help but begin to praise “The ruler over the kings of the earth.” Jesus the same, His power yesterday, is the same today, and forever.

He died and rose again so that we can live. Because He lives we live. Every child of God has a new life, free from the bondage of guilt sin and shame. Nothing but the blood of Jesus has the power or ability to wash a polluted soul. Nothing but the blood of Jesus can protect from the tyranny…

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Part 3
He will not leave or forsake her, His glorious bride. His love is endless and everlasting:

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revelation1_511In the latter part Rev.1:5 (f), we are reminded of certain truths and Christ’s relationship to us. In His love, He saved us and washed us from our sins. He gave His life for the Church. The love of Christ is everlasting, just as He loved the Church then, He loves it now. Some version of the Bible say, “To Him who has loved us.” The love of the Lord Jesus Christ could be seen as what He accomplished in the past. He certainly loved us in the past, just as He loves us now. His love is everlasting, without beginning and without end. The focus here is not on a past love. It is about His present love, a perpetual and continuous love.

The Church was facing all kinds of obstacles when the Book of Revelation was written. It was a time of suffering, difficulty and trial for the…

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“This world with its wickedness is temporary. The evil occupation of this earth is passing. The troubling of this world by satan is just for a moment. The pervasive nature of sin in this universe is just for a short while.”

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revelation1_51THE FIRST BORN FROM THE DEAD (REV.1:5 part 2)

This verse draws from Psalm 89. It is a messianic Psalm. Verse 29 says,

“I will make him My firstborn.”

The term”First Born” is often used in scripture to refer to someone who has special rights and privileges. The First Born has special rights under Old Testament Law. It is a title taken up from the OT and applied to Christ in the New Testament. Our Jesus Christ is first born from the dead,

Risen From the dead

Jesus Christ is the first born from the dead, the heir who is risen. Everything belongs to Him and is handed over to Him. All things are part of His inheritance. All things that have been taken and distorted by this world and satan will be purified and become His everlasting inheritance.

This world with its wickedness is temporary. The evil occupation of…

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chasing shadows

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Chasing shadows…
People search high and low to fill the void in their hearts. They search for fulfillment in the wrong places. Nations place their confidence in the world’s system. It is only when God shakes the systems they place their confidence in, that they realise that all power is not dependent on man, but God.
The world is in desperate need of God. Many do not realise they need Jesus Christ in their lives? He is the only way to the Father. There is a desperate yearning for this relationship with God in the souls of men, yet they live their lives unconvinced of this need.
Paul was a man convinced and persuaded about His need of God. He knew that nothing could separate Him from the love of God in Christ Jesus. In Romans 8:38,39, Paul gives a list of circumstances that could possibly separate, shake…

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The Faithful Witness

From eternity, He has been a “faithful witness” to all the counsels of God (John 1:18). He is a “faithful witness” to the revealed will of God.

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THE FAITHFUL WITNESS; (Rev. 1:5 – Part 1) In the days of trial you need someone you can trust and rely on. You need someone who is a rock. Jesus Christ is described as the One who gives us Gr…

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Link arms with Jesus through the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

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revelation1_42Timelessness: “Who is and Who was and Who is to come.” Rev.1:4 (Part 3)

Who is this God who supplies us with Grace and peace? He is the God who is, who was and who is to come.

  • He is the source of Grace and peace to us

  • He is eternal, He is everlasting and unchanging

  • He is constantly intervening and shifting the immoveable.

Seven Spirits:

It goes without saying, there are some doors in Revelation that appear to have no keys…

The “Seven Spirits” mentioned in Rev.1:4 could mean a number of things. Just like the Seven Churches represent The Church as a whole (read part 1), the Seven Spirits may represent the nature of God, the Spirit in Isaiah11:2 is described in seven aspects:

The Spirit of the Lord,

The Spirit of wisdom,

The Spirit of understanding,

The Spirit of counsel,

The Spirit of might,

The Spirit of…

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A personal gift

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Revelation1_1A personal gift of God the Father to God the Son

The Book of Revelation is distinguished from every other Book in the Bible in that it is a personal gift, directly and divinely given by God the Father, to God the Son. It is so precious. It is a book which reveals and unveils Jesus Christ.

What is the origin of the Book?

Revelation 1: 1 shows the passageway or progression of information from God the Father. It can be described as the five stages of transmission. The five stages of transmission from God the father are:

1) The revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave Him (Jesus Christ) – Notice the capital (H). (1:1)

  1. Jesus Christ sends His angel (1:1)

  2. The angel transmits this Revelation to John (1:1)

  3. John receives this revelation, and passes it on (1:1)

  4. to the servants of Christ (1:1).

Are you a servant of…

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