God’s Plan of Salvation

The source of divine election is divine love.
Foreknowledge, Predestination, Calling, Justification, Glorification are the five links in God’s plan of Salvation.

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Romans8_29God’s plan of Salvation:
The One who created all things, created all humans in the past, present and future. However, not all humans are intimately known by God. He has set apart a chosen people for eternal life who will reign with Him in glory (Gen. 18:19, Jer. 1:5, John 10:14, 2Tim. 2:19). The Hebrew verb “to know” explains it better, it stands for a personal relationship of care and affection. To “foreknow” someone is to have prior knowledge of the person (Jer. 1:5). Those He “foreknew,” He “predestined.” (Romans 8:29). Before you can determine (predestine) where a person goes, you must first of all know them (foreknow).
Foreknowledge is knowing about an event before it happens. Foreknowledge, Predestination, Calling, Justification and Glorification are the five links in the unbreakable chain in God’s plan of Salvation. All those whom God foreknows, He predestines, and all He predestines, He calls…

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Christ at the centre.

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Revelation1_13The centrality of Christ

In the realm of the spirit, the Church stands as one. Christ is at its centre and it cannot be pulled apart. In the natural realm, it may appear weak and divided, but in the Spirit, it stands strong and united.

It can not be pulled down because it is built upon the Solid Rock. A house built upon on the Rock will stand firm through turbulent and stormy weather (Matthew 7:24). Christ said, “upon this rock I will build my Church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it” (Matthew 16:18).

Jesus Christ is the central theme of Revelation and He is the central theme of His Church.

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Ever blazing Lamp Stands

The events that shape this world cannot shape God. He shapes the world, His Word remains the same. It is the potter who determines how He will mold His clay.

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Revelation1_12Light that shines in darkness

John is caught up in the Spirit when He turns around to see the “voice that spoke” with Him. Revelation 1:10 describes the voice as sounding like a trumpet. He hears what the Spirit of the Lord says loud and clear, the voice is like the blast of a trumpet.

What John beholds is as bright as day. He sees seven golden lamp-stands (some versions say candle-sticks). However, I have chosen the “lamp-stand” version because candle-sticks were not in existence during the time John wrote down this Revelation.

The imagery of a lamp-stand is taken from the Old Testament. Moses designed a lamp-stand with seven lamps stands connected to one main stand. Its specifications were based on the vision given to him by God. However, the lamp-stands in John’s vision are different in that they are individual lamp-stands.

Anchored in Christ

Though churches run separately…

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The Trumpet: be alert and listen

The warning sound of trumpets in the Lord speaking. He is making an announcement today that he is coming soon. Be alert, be ready.

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Revelation1_10In the Spirit

John was in the Spirit when he heard a great voice behind him like the sound of a trumpet. He saw with spiritual eyes and heard with spiritual ears. The things of the Spirit cannot be discerned through the flesh (1Corinthians 2:14). In the natural, John was in prison, shackled in chains, but the Lord liberated his mind from his immediate circumstances, to receive from the Spirit.

Alone with God

John honoured the Lord’s day in prison. His external circumstances did not interfere with Him as he found himself alone with God. The adverse situations in life can be great opportunities to lean into the Spirit. There are many times the believer will find themselves alone in their situation, these are great times to enter into God’s presence, to be still, and hear from God (Psalm 46:10). We can learn to be expectant, to receive from God…

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To see God’s glory

Do you want to see the glory of God?

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Hebrews1_3Do you want to see God’s glory? Look at Christ. He is the “brightness of God’s glory and express image of His person.”(Heb.1:3 NKJV). In the Old Testament, the Shekinah glory was the visible evidence of God’s presence in the Tabernacle. It is still here today, in the person of Christ. John 1:14 says, “we beheld His glory.” John says that he beheld such glory that could only be attributed to “the only begotten Son of God.”

Just like the sun rays pierce through the clouds, to ignite and light up the earth with brilliance and brightness, Jesus is the “brightness of God’s glory.” He reveals Almighty God in His fullness, we just have to look at Him. Christ is the light that shines in our darkened hearts (2 Cor.4:6). It is through Him we have the true knowledge of God and His glory (1John 5:20). Light was produced first…

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Chosen one…

These beautiful robes have been specifically designed by Almighty God.

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3;12-14Are you God’s chosen ones?
One of the great glories of the gospel is sympathy and tenderness of heart. Hearts that are filled with compassion and love, resemble the moral nature of our wonderful Saviour, Jesus Christ. He is the Author of all compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

The first article of clothing we are to put on is the garment of compassion. The children of the kingdom must be a compassionate people. I live in the United Kingdom and majority of the organisations involved in helping the vulnerable, both here and abroad, started by the early Church sharing God’s love by sending Missionaries. Their love and care extended beyond the borders of the Church. Those who carry the gospel should be filled with sympathy and tenderness of heart for others.

The second item of clothing is simply “kindness.” Kindness does not happen overnight. It is…

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Because of Christ I am royalty, set apart for His honour and glory. I am chosen and peculiar. I am a queen, I am precious and so beautiful.

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Revelation1_6Kings and Priests Rev. 1:6

Israel was brought out of slavery in Exodus and God said to Moses,

“You shall be to Me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation.”(Exodus 19:6).

Rev. 5:9 says,

“You have made us kings and priests to our God; and we shall reign on the earth.”

Just like Israel was brought out of slavery and bondage in Egypt to be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation, Christ has rescued us from the jurisdiction of darkness and brought us into the Kingdom of Light. Every child of God has been delivered from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. You are royalty: sons and daughters of the Living God (Col. 1:13, 1Peter 2:9).

Royal citizenship

If you are a child of God you have been rescued from the kingdom of darkness and given royal citizenship in God’s Kingdom…

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