Spirit of Life versus the Law of Spirit and Death

LIFE, LIFE, He has given me LIFE!

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Romans8_2The Spirit of Life versus the Law of Sin and Death

In Romans 8:2, Paul uses the comparison of Life and Death. While the Spirit of Life sets FREE, the Law of Sin and Death holds captives. The gospel is called the “Law of the Spirit of Life” because it ministers Spirit and Life. Sin has its power and dominion, but it has no control over the person who has been given the Spirit of Life. They are FREE from enslavement, condemnation, guilt and shame.

The old nature is replaced by the new nature in Christ. He gives Life, freely and abundantly. The Holy Spirit takes up residence and takes control. It is the new manger.

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Diligence, watchfulness and thanksgiving

We can be devoted to someone or so many things, but are we devoted to…

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Colossians4_2Be diligent in prayer, watchful at all times, with constant thanksgiving.

Christ is the beginning and the end. He is the source of life, the cornerstone that holds the building, (the body of Christ) together. Paul spoke about the importance of the Word in Col.3:16. He then spoke about the importance of Prayer in Col.4:2. The Word of God and Prayer cannot be separated.

Prayer times are to be contended for because there is so much in the natural and the spiritual that opposes it. The body can also become weak and sluggish and we must be conscious of it. The Epistles are full of exhortations to pray. Luke gave an example of the persistent widow in Luke 18:1. We are not to get tired of praying. We must be persistent like the Widow. We must have faith, God answers prayers.

The natural mind has an undisciplined approach to prayer…

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TRUST in the Lord!!!

A rightly placed hope and trust. Let this be your confidence…

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WeekThe blessedness of TRUST in the Lord
You are absolutely blessed if your trust and confidence is in the Lord. Trust in man, is the complete opposite of trust in the Lord (Jer.17:5-6). The good things God has promised to give you can easily be missed if your trust is in man. Prov.3:5 says, “trust in the Lord with all your heart” and not just part of it.
Trusting in God means walking very closely with Him. He is a lamp to the feet and a light to the path (Psalm 105:109). He is a true friend. He is so close, that He will show you where there is misplaced trust and hope. Psalm 121 talks about looking up to the hills for divine help. The hills here represent a higher place where God can be found.
True prosperity and success can be compared to a tree planted…

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Move forward and preach the Gospel of peace.
Without a Spirit of Fear, God has given you power, love and a sound mind.

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Distress, anxiety, faint-heartedness and cowardice are not what God desires for His children.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind.” (2Tim.1:7).

During these end times, Believers every where will need to keep their eyes firmly fixed on Jesus. In the face of a world that opposes the gospel, the children of God will need fortitude and courage. It is the power of God that enables the Believer to stay in the faith, even when there is every reason to give up the faith. He gives courage during distressing times.

The love of God has been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit (Romans 5:5). This love gives us the ability to serve God wholeheartedly. It enables us love our brothers and sisters in Christ. This love reaches out to a…

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Revelation2_4The return to your First Love:
Will your Church still exist in 30 to 50 years time, if Christ tarries? Selah. It might be interesting to note that the original Ephesian Church no longer exists. What happened to its Lampstand?

The letter to the Ephesian Church:
As zealous as the Ephesian Church was in its work, patience, perseverance and opposition to false teachers, it was condemned for abandoning its first love (Rev.2:4). The letter to the Ephesian Church was addressed to Angel of Church, and we know from Rev. 1:20 that the Seven Stars represent the Seven Angels who are the (Bishops, Pastors of the Churches). The Angels were commissioned to minister individual Letters to their Churches. At some point the Ephesian Church fell out of intimacy with the Lord. Its love for Christ began to diminish. Their communion was abating. This issue was so serious in the eyes of…

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Revelation2_2The letter to Ephesus
The Revelation of Jesus Christ revealed to His Church.
While John was in Prison in Patmos, he received a glorious and spectacular visions of Christ. Through a series of detailed visions, John is given special messages to the Seven Churches of Asia, relevant for that period and still applicable and important for the Church today.
Christ speaks as the head of His Church. The Church belongs to Him. The ministers are His servants, He has control over them. All authority and power belongs to Him.
“I know thy works…”
The Ephesian Church is commended for their labour in propagating the gospel. It’s important to note the Lord keeps an account of every service done in His name. All their hard work in keeping the Church running was not a waste a time, it was certainly noticed by God. They were patient and…

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Glory and Majesty

There is only one place we should fall and bow down…
Only One Person should drop us to our knees…

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Revelation1_17The glory and majesty of Christ.
The splendour and brilliance of Christ is an awesome wonder. John fell at His feet at the striking vision of Christ. The realization of who Christ really is should make us fall at our feet in complete awe of Him. It is not something to be afraid of, unless you are His enemy. The Bible says we are to come boldly into His presence. The right hand of the Lord was outstretched to John, asking Him not to be afraid. Christ is calling men and women to Him today, to draw close, so that they may see the fullness of His glory. He is the righteousness of those who believe in Him and there is nothing to be afraid of.
The presence of Christ is so great that it knocks people off their feet.
Joshua “fell on His face to the…

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