Is God merciful to you?

Sure thing, He is merciful!

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psalm-1071“O Give Thanks”

Let all nations, all peoples of the earth, give thanks for the mercies, manifold providence, and favour of God. Let the earth tremble and take notice of His judgments.

The Lord gives His manifold blessings to all people. Everyone benefits from His steadfast love and mercies (Lamentations 3:22-23), they are new every morning. Everyone has reason to give thanks to Almighty God. He is the giver of life and the air you breathe. He provides rain to nourish the earth and sunshine for the crops you eat.

Cast your eyes upon the Lord today and see His goodness. Praise Him for His nature, He is merciful. Bow down in honour of the Lord God Almighty. Give Him thanks for He is good. His loving kindness is EVERLASTING!


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Salvation belongs to the Lord. He will save you from barking dogs and and mouth of the Lion.

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psalm37-vs-39The battle belongs to the Lord

The salvation of the righteous belongs to the Lord. They have been rescued by grace from the power of sin and will reign in glory when Christ returns. Until that time, the battle rages on and it belongs to the Lord!

Salvation in battle

The deliverance of the righteous is in the hands of Almighty God. Daniel was rescued from the mouth of the Lion by the unseen hand of Almighty God. The Psalmist spoke about being delivered from a powerful enemy in Psalm 18:17:

“He rescued me from my powerful enemy, from my foes, who were too strong for me.”

Those who put their trust in the Lord may look like easy pickings, a low hanging fruit, in the eyes of the enemy. However, there is one stronger who fights their battles and defends them. He will not allow the enemy to overcome…

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