The Bible encourages women to adorn a “gentle” and “quiet” spirit. The external attributes of a woman will diminish with age (2Cor.4:16), but a beautiful soul, adorned with Christ, will last forever.

God is the only one who can see into the human heart. He is the best judge and His judgement is to be valued. He looks into the inner man and sees what can’t be seen. He sees what is not obvious to human eyes.

Scripture says, God sees a woman with a “gentle” and “quiet” spirit as “precious” in His sight (1Peter 3:4). A woman with a heart in total submission to God, is more of an influence to her husband, than the show of her outward appearance.

The excellency of grace, a helper, a guide, gentle, compassionate, merciful, forgiving, long-suffering, wise… these are just some of the words used to describe the Holy Spirit. It is not a coincidence that these words can also be used to describe the nature of a woman. The Holy Spirit, is often personified as a woman in the Bible. Women are made in the perfect image of God and godly women reflect His character (Col.3:9,10).

The ornament of grace is like sunshine. It brightens the atmosphere, the world cannot function without it. If affects homes, it affects nations, it affects destinies.

Women who fear the Lord wear the most glorious ornaments. Their heart, their mind, their meek and gentle spirits, are extremely beautiful. They are so precious in the sight of God (1Peter3:4).

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The crowning beauty of a woman:

There are the three women presented in the Book of Proverbs: Wisdom (personification), the seductress, the woman clothed with honour and strength, which one do you know?

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The physical beauty of a woman will open doors; attract attention, favour and gain approval…but it can be highly deceptive, according to Proverbs 31:30. This is because the physical appearance of a person can present a false representation of the person. Charisma and good looks can hide a cold heart, a mean spirit and most of all, a shriveled soul.

The physical beauty of a woman will eventually fade away, but the fear of the Lord is everlasting. It is the crowning glory of a woman. Choices based upon external appearances can yield great disappointments.

Even after physical death, a beautiful soul lives on. Such is the portion of women who fear the Lord. The woman who fears the Lord is a woman of virtue. She is comforted and recompensed by the Lord. Her honourable behaviour is her clothing. She walks in the boldness and conviction of her faith, her…

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To adorn with beauty and salvation

He gives Beauty for Ashes. He loves His Saints.

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The sound of sheep brings joy to the heart of the Shepherd. Among all the people of the earth, there are a special people in whom the Lord delights. They are a chosen people, special to Him and loved dearly. The “Lord takes pleasure” in His people. He favours them and delights in their prosperity.

The the world hates and despises the Children of God, but the Lord “beautifies” them. He adorns them with great honour and makes them a show of great beauty to the  world. He “beautifies” the meek with salvation. There is a glorious place prepared for them. The Saints know they need their Saviour. Even when  they are humble, and afflicted by the enemy, they are patient and meek. The Lord delivers them and is gracious towards them.

The Saints are crowned with everlasting salvation and glory.

Clothed with beautiful garments, bedecked and embellished with holiness…

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