Leaving behind that which REMAINS:

Leaving behind a lasting Legacy.

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IMG_5917The Legacy of Christ:

A beautiful Sculpture is a testament to its Sculptor, just like the famous painting points to the painter, and a building its architect. Anything worth admiring speaks volumes of the one who made it.

If you are a child of God you have something great to declare to the world: The greatness and majesty of the Creator God. His very own people declare His deeds to succeeding generations.

Kingdoms come and go, dynasties come to an end, but God’s Kingdom is eternal. It is everlasting and forever. It continues and endures from one generation to the next.

You should not expect the world to declare aloud the knowledge, works and deeds of God, you and I have the responsibility to do it.

As a child of God, you have a testimony on your lips. You have Great News to pass on to those coming behind you…

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Gihon Publishing Blog: Heavenly Treasures Ministries www.gihonpublishing.co.uk

Have you ever heard a child say, ” What is Easter?” This is a question that you may never hear outside of Church circles. This is because the commercial companies have taken over the true meaning of Easter, or should we say, Resurrection Sunday, and transformed it into an annual money making machine.

Chocolates, Easter Eggs, Bunny Rabbits and a host of other Items are what represent Easter for some. Many Churches have Easter Egg hunts, the presentation of flowers and other activities for fun during the Easter period. Thankfully, alongside these activities, the majority never leave out the true message of the eternal sacrifice of the Son of God, and what it really means to them. Christ’s death and resurrection is the most important event on the Christian calendar.

Today, every one who believes in Christ, has hope because of Christ’s shed blood on the Cross…

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