Lord, I believe.

To see the glory of God… to know Him personally is to be desired.

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Lord, I believe.
Where ever Jesus went He sparked controversy. The healing of a man blind from birth caused much confusion and debate among the Pharisees. The religious leaders did not want to believe the report of the blind man and desired to scuttle his testimony and deny Jesus the honour of this miracle.

How were your eyes opened? John 9:10

The healing of the blind man astonished everyone. He did not deny the fact that a supernatural occurrence had taken place. He seized the opportunity to testify, to the power of Jesus Christ. Every Believer in Jesus Christ should seize the opportunities presented on a daily basis to declare and proclaim Christ.

Declaring Christ
The blind man did not deny Christ, but stood His ground in the face of the outrage and opposition of the Pharisees. They called Jesus a sinner, but the blind man responded this way: He…

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A true friend is present through the good and bad times… Are you a fair weathered friend?

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Have you ever heard the saying, “A fair weather friend?” This is a friend who only shows up when the going is good… On the flip side, there are also friends who will only show up when they hear bad news… They will never celebrate the good things that happen in your life.

A true friend is one who stands by your side at all times. When the times are good this person is there to rejoice and celebrate with you. During the bad times, this person will also be there to walk with you through the rain and wipe your tears. A true friend stands by you at all times, especially when you need them the most.

One could say that it is during the adverse times that you will really know who your true friends are. This is because you will always see crowds of…

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Heritage and Reward

They are a heritage and reward.

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The Heritage and reward of the Lord
Whether by natural birth or adoption, you and I have something great to pass on to future generations. A person can raise up Children and generations of children’s children who are not his or her own by birth for the glory of the Lord.

What is the point of building an Great Empire or Legacy if it just ends with you?

“Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.” – Psalm 127:1

To have the mind of Christ is to build in view of the future.

God builds generationally and this is why He says, “Children are a heritage.” As I mentioned earlier, God can use absolutely anyone to leave that which will remain for future generations…

The fruit of the womb is His reward. Children are not a burden, they are a blessing and an inheritance Psalm…

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