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The Beginning of Birth Pains.

Jesus wept over Jerusalem because He knew what was coming…  He came to save and help them, but they did not recognise Him. Jesus came to warn them, but they crucified Him.  Their spiritual leaders had an obscured view of  what the Messiah would look like. In their minds,  they pictured glorious robes and an outwardly shiny King, but Jesus came in complete humility, in suffering and meekness, so they missed it. 

A Clear View

With a clear view, looking out across Kidron Valley, Jesus gave out  some prophetic teaching and judgements upon Israel. The Temple they worshipped would be broken to pieces.  Jerusalem at that time had a pretty impressive Temple. The Temple was worshipped like it was a deity in itself. The disciples expected Jesus to be impressed and adore the Temple’s architecture, but Jesus did the opposite. He prophesied  the building …

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