Ruth ARuth Dickson is a Publisher, Author, Writer, Missionary and Singer. She is the Chief Editor and owner of  Gihon Publishing and Heavenly Treasures Ministries.

You can easily find and read more of her digital  publications by simply typing in #ruthdicksonUK and #HTMinistries into any search engine. Free books and publications can be downloaded here:

Watch Videos messages  here:

Ruth has a special and unique Ministry. There are Great Treasures for the body of Christ and she shares about them, freely and willingly.  Her ministry points to Christ, His Kingdom and the “Heavenly Treasures”  in God’s Kingdom. These are Treasures, reserved solely, for God’s Children.

If her messages bless you, why not drop a note. If you would like to receive FREE publications, or for her to visit and bless  your study group or Church, send an email to

Yours sincerely in Christ,

Heavenly Treasures Ministries, Gihon Publishing.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Ruth
    Thank you for my book i received this morning. Touched a delighted to open it and read your message, how very special that you make time to write personal messages in your books for us.
    Was really special hearing you on Premier radio. What a blessing and how wonderful that GOD ministered to you through the book of Ruth. I love reading the story of Ruth…she was so obedient. May GOD bless a protect and have HIS hand over you your family and your precious ministery.
    Thank you Ruth


    1. Dear Debra, it is lovely hearing from you. I am so glad that you received the Book. It is a pleasure to communicate with you and all who love the Lord Jesus Christ. The Book of Ruth is a hidden treasure. It has blessed me and I pray all who read God’s Word will find solace in it. Looking forward to hearing from you again.
      Wishing you every divine blessing in Christ.


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